April 19, 2010
Categories: Photography
Experimenting with Texture
Since I can’t seem to decide which collage I want to submit for I Heart Faces’ photo challenge this week, I decided I would experiment with textures. I went back to Shadowhouse Creations to be inspired. 

For those of you that are interested in textures, but don’t know where to start…Jerry Jones (and oops, I originally thought he was a she based on the header) links up to a YouTube video that walks you through the process. I also found one of his tutorials where he walks through his layering technique. After downloading a few of his textures, I ran my own experiment. 

Now, with texture.
And, with texture. 
I love how texture can take a simple photograph and turn it into art. I’ll have to play with this idea a little more. But, for the moment, I think I’ll create a collage. More later.
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