April 13, 2010
Categories: Photography
Flowers in Bloom
Before I post the goods…I thought I’d take you on a walk down memory lane.
I didn’t mention “the proposal” in my previous post, but my husband proposed to me at Sarah P. Duke Gardens. It hasn’t quite been a year yet, but as we were walking through the gardens, I couldn’t help but remember that hot, sweaty day – it was 105 degrees outside. 

We’d been dating seven months…talked about marriage, but I was sure that he wouldn’t propose to me until we’d dated for a year (which would have been November 1). I’d never been to Duke Gardens before and he was working at Duke (so he’d been there a few times). When we talked about weddings, he’d always say that we should consider Duke Gardens as our venue…I kept writing him off. So when he invited me to go to the Durham Bulls game that night and walk through the gardens before the game, I really didn’t think about it. There was a point during our walk that it hit me. OMG – he’s going to propose to me. He took me into the Asian Garden, up to a bridge and asked me to face the light. When I turned around, he was on his knees (don’t you love my face?). Turns out, he also hired a photographer to hide in the bushes and capture the entire event. 

Anyways, that’s the story in a nut shell. Now, let me present my shots from the weekend.
As you can tell, I experimented with textures in this set, while keeping it clean on others (if I didn’t feel like it added anything, I just left it off). Hope you enjoy – I’m likely going to post a few more as I work through the editing. 

PS: I was shooting with my 55-250mm lens.