April 05, 2010
Categories: Photography, Ramblings
Happy Easter!
Happy Easter Everyone! What a beautiful day to celebrate Easter…and this year, my husband and I drove to my hometown to worship at my parent’s church, followed by dinner at the house. The cross was covered in fresh flowers – I so wanted to take a photo, but thought pulling my camera out during church might be a little much. 

In addition to visiting with my parents, we also met Charlie…their new, six-month old Maltese. Not that they needed another dog, but Charlie has moved right on in. He’s probably the sweetest dog I’ve met in a long time, even if he is covered in hair! His sister, Lilly, is not having it…she made sure she showed him who was in charge (by growling and snapping at him every so often). Just to mark the occasion, I snapped a few pictures.

In the process, my sister decided she also wanted her picture made. (this is incredible considering that most times my sister just makes fun of me and my camera). Lilly, in her cute Easter dress, jumped in with her. Isn’t my sister beautiful? 
And finally, a group shot. 
My sister didn’t realize she was giving me some much needed portrait practice. Considering that I have a few portrait sessions coming up this spring, I need all I can get!

Alas, I changed lens and took a few shots of their dogwood tree and azalea bushes. Love them!

Have a great week!