April 28, 2010
Categories: Ramblings
The Dandelion
Picked up by the breeze
Soaring fast among the trees
Barely showing that it can be dappled
Making onlookers envious and baffled

The sweet little cotton ball
Filled with dreams and whispers
Flies on the wind
With other wish-drifters

Its white little feathers
Tickling the wind
Making the wind laugh
As it brushes against its skin

More wish-drifters join
And follow the winds’ course
Some whispers gentle
Some whispers hoarse

They fly until they reach a spot
Making out no certain plot
They started out on a single stem
Though they go as far as the dream takes them

‘Tis the journey of wish-drifters
A lasting hope for all the wishers 

By AJ Ettellig
Gone From Our World, Always In Our Hearts. Rest in Peace.