Before & After
One of the ladies on the photography board was asking a few questions about editing  in Photoshop Elements yesterday. I mentioned to her that if she ever wanted me to run some edits and spell out the process, that I’d be happy to do so. Well, she took me up on my offer and I’m so glad she did. 

In this picture, the sunlight is creating an interesting pattern on his face. To be honest, this is not something that is easily fixed…and I kinda like it. He’s also a little cool, but that’s easy to fix. 
DSC_0103 Before and After
In my edit…
  • I opened up the levels (you’ll find this in your layers drop down menu – adjustment layers). I bumped the RGB main levels up to 10, 1.00, 255. Then I went to the green levels and adjusted to 12, 1.00, 255. Finally, I made adjustments to the blue levels – 12, 1.00, 255. 
  • Next, I created a Brighten/Contrast layer (again in your layers drop down menu) and increased the contrast to +2.
  • I added a warming filter (also in your layers drop down menu). I used Warming Filter 85 at 12%. 
  • Then I used Pioneer Woman’s Bring Out the Eyes action. The layer comes up black meaning that you have to use a soft white brush to paint on the effect. I painted over the eyes at 35% and then dropped the opacity of the layer down to 60%. Seriously…his eyes are GORGEOUS!
  • I merged the above layers (ctrl, shift, E)
  • Next, I applied Amy McMaster’s Berries and Cream action (new favorite). I adjusted my layers and removed any color from his eyes.  
  • Merged those layers. 
  • At this point, it was time for TEXTURE. Here’s the order, blending mode and opacity. I think all of these textures came from Shadowhouse Creations (I may be wrong).
    • RVT Green – Overlay – 100%
    • Square 31 – Soft Light – 70%
    • Wood Texture – Lighten – 10%
    • Stretch Sage Vintage – Soft Light – 56%
  • And finally, I wanted to add an element of style. For this particular photograph (and since he’s already got that sun-kissed look), I chose Coffeeshop’s Sun-Kissed Action
    • Lens Flare decreased to 50% opacity and used a soft brush at 35% to paint some of it off
    • Lighten decreased to 10% opacity
    • Haze decreased to 38% opacity and painted off of the eyes
    • Contrast increased to 64% opacity
    • Orange tones decreased to 65% opacity and painted off the eyes.
So that’s my edit…I may have another before & after in a little while. Any questions…comments…feedback?