Before & After: Part 2
This Before & After was all about post processing. It’s a cute snapshot of two young fathers with their new sons and I think that it belongs in a frame. 
My steps are pretty typical: 
  1. I started in ACR (Adobe Camera Raw) and auto adjusted the white balance, increased the exposure, added fill light and increased the blacks. 
  2. I then opened the image up in PSE and cropped a little closer (of course the Before image above has an even closer crop, but that was the JPG file).
  3. I ran Squeaky Clean and adjusted the layers accordingly (including reducing the red in their faces).
  4. Merged the layers.
  5. I then duplicated the background layer and used the burn and dodge tools to darken the hot spots and lighten the dark spots. 
  6. Finally, I ran Amy McMaster’s Sepia Vintage action for a nice clean finish before re-sizing and sharpening.
Alright…off to do one more.
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