June 06, 2010
Categories: Ramblings
A Sweet Thank You
I recently posted this photograph of Baby A. Her mother, Kendra, wanted to print and frame it for Baby A’s bedroom. Kendra promised that once the photograph came in that she’d send me a few pictures to show me how it turned out.
Baby A After 2 RS
This morning, when I checked my email…she not only sent me a few pictures, but she also sent me a wonderful thank you note with a gift card to Amazon (that I’ll definitely be applying toward my next lens or photography accessory purchase). I thought I’d share her sweet note and a few of the pictures. You’ll notice my new “edited by” watermark that I will be using for various situations to protect my “Before & After” subjects. 

I finally got the photos up today in Baby A’s room! They look amazing and I can’t stop looking at them. I’m so happy that her room is now more personalized with photos of her. You did such a beautiful job on the textures and edits and the photo looks absolutely beautiful printed. Thank you so much.”

Nursery 1

Nursery 2

Nursery 4

Thanks again Kendra for giving me the opportunity to edit Baby A’s photo…and for the sweet note and gift card. The room looks great!