June 01, 2010
Before & After…
…or shall I call this one “I tried to fix it.”

Salina, over at Twice As Many Moments, sent me a picture of her daughter taken at the science center. If you’ll go over to her blog, you’ll see that she did a very good job with trying to salvage the photo. I’m really not convinced that I did a better job. I’d like to believe that I could repeat my steps…maybe even share them with you…but the truth is that I got lost in never never land and I’m pretty much thankful to have anything to show for my work. You’ll notice that there is a weird orange line around the edge of her hairline. I did not do any skin-tone adjustments with a paint brush, so I don’t know where that came from.
DSC_7206 Before and After
Anyways, I hope you like what I’ve done…at least a little. And if you have, please leave me some love. Also, if you have an editing challenge for me, please don’t hesitate to Contact Me. Have a great day!