June 18, 2010
Macro Friday
As you know, I’ve slowly been following TWOpeasinabucket’s Photography Course for a few weeks now. We’re now on Week 7 (oops, I missed Week 6 – I’ll come back to that one later) and this week’s lesson was shooting in the great outdoors with specific regard to macro photography. 

“When outdoors, we must consider not only the amount of the light and its color, but also the direction of the light, the intensity of the light and how the surrounding atmosphere affects the light.” 

So, this week’s challenge was to experiment with macro mode. I actually took the shots below over Memorial Day Weekend at the Rose Garden. I’ve shared a few of them already, but I was saving the bulk load for this post. And don’t be surprised if after this weekend you see even more shots from the Rose Garden – I’m meeting up with some girls from my favorite photography board this weekend (YIPPEE).  

Without any further hesitation, here is my assignment (shot with my Tamron 28-75 mm f/2.8). For your entertainment, I’ve included some natural shots as well as a few with my creative textural twist. 

Oh, one more thing…the shot below is being included in Macro Friday. Enjoy.
IMG_2584 blog

IMG_2624 blog

IMG_2590 blog

IMG_2609 edit blog

IMG_2585 blog

IMG_2587 blog

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IMG_2604 blog

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IMG_2622 edit blog
I walked by these flowers and thought, “poor things, they’re dying.” My next thought, “they’d look great with a vintage texture.” Yeah…that’s how my brain works.
IMG_2626 Blog copy

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