June 17, 2010
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POTW Thursday: Sky
This week’s POTW theme is sky. I took the shot below on Saturday while at the pool. I’ve gotten to where I carry a camera with me at all times…even if it’s not my DSLR (because I’m nervous about bringing it to the pool and such). For a while, the sky was gorgeous, but the clouds quickly moved in and before we knew it, RAIN.
IMG_2807 Blog
These next shots were taken on my last flight from Detroit with my new Blackberry (as I’ve said before…I always have some sort of camera on me). I was sitting on the wing (exit row) so what you see is a pieced together view from both sides of the left wing at different points in the flight. The view from above is simply incredible.

Up in the Air Blog
I think I may share yet another “sky” photo when I share my Scavenger Hunt Sunday items. Anyways, if you’re interested, check out some of the other entries HERE

If you’re playing along, next week’s challenge is SUMMER.