June 27, 2010
Scavenger Hunt Sunday
I feel like I’m running a tad bit behind in terms of my editing. This whole shooting in RAW thing creates quite the delay in terms of my ability to quickly load pictures, but I’ll get over it (either that or set myself up to upgrade my editing software). I still need to load my pictures from last weekend (probably in my next post), edit photos from Salina and Denise for Before & After, and edit my photos from the zoo (and I’ve seriously got some goodies for you). The point being, I’ve got a lot going on. 

So…enough rambling – it’s Scavenger Hunt Sunday! I’ve been asked if this is a hosted scavenger hunt. The answer…kinda, but not really. Here’s the secret: there are a hand full of girls (maybe two whole hand fulls) over on the Bump’s Photography Board that challenge themselves each week to hunt down a list of items. I’ve offered to host a McLinky on my blog if I find there is enough interest outside of that group of girls. I’m not sure there’s been enough interest, yet. However, if you are interested in joining the challenge, please leave me a comment or send me an email! 

Another option: I will be submitting photos to a much larger Photo Hunt on June 30th. It may be kinda late for you to start this list, but there should be another list soon. Obviously, I’ll post that list once it becomes available. 

Now, without further ado, this week’s Scavenger Hunt items: 

1. Summer – I call this one “Summer Lovin.” Since I already shared so many shots for this past POTW, I thought I’d share a funny. It’s not the best quality because I was shooting in incredible low light, behind glass. Nonetheless, it makes me giggle.
IMG_3303 blog
2. The Letter A – I couldn’t find my stand alone “A” that I used to have at my townhouse, and I struggled to find something that looked like the letter “A,” so I decided to single out the letter “A” in the word “PEACE.” I then decided to pretend I had a Lens Baby and use some motion effects. I think it’s cool.
Letter A
3. Celebration – I try my best each week not to repeat a shot I posted earlier in the week, so I saved this shot for today. For my birthday, my dear friend Mary, started my day by leaving a giant birthday muffin on my desk. Notice the fire proof candles?! She wanted to be sure that we didn’t start a fire since earlier in the week someone started a fire in the parking lot by not putting out their cigarette butt.
Birthday Muffin
4. Door – So, I pulled one archive. I fully intended on finding an antique door or old building…or something of the like. It didn’t happen, so I went back into my honeymoon photo files. Technically, this isn’t of our patio doors so much as it is the view from our suite. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this view.
Honeymoon - Door
5. Symbol of Love – I had so many items to choose from for this item (the little angel I received from Nanny, the new lens I received via giftcard from my husband, the birthday goodies from my mother, or the labors of love from my friends), but I decided to photograph the necklace that my friend Caroline gave me for my birthday. 

I decided to try something in the months leading up to my birthday – I created a birthday wish list on the My Camera Bag page to see who might be paying attention. Honestly, I think I prepared it more for my dear husband (and he did well by getting me the gift card). Some of the items were a little far fetched or would be difficult to purchase without my consent (calibrated monitor or external hard drive for example), but I placed one kinda random item on the list – a necklace. Much to my surprise, on my birthday, my friend Caroline surprised me with a variation of that necklace (I like it even better than the one I put up there). It says “Life Captured.” 

It meant so much to me that my friends paid attention and support my hobby. I should also mention Jenn who was going to get me a gift card to Peace Camera as well, but walked in the store as I was purchasing my new lens…kinda ruined the element of surprise. I truly have amazing friends.
Life Captured
Next week’s items are: 
  1. Shutter Speed
  2. Patriotism
  3. Creative Crop
  4. Time
  5. Flower
I hope you’ll join me next week. Have a great day!