June 20, 2010
Scavenger Hunt Sunday
Happy Father’s Day! I don’t have much to say right now, so I’ll get straight to the scavenger hunt. You’ll be happy to know that I got out of the house for a few of these shots.

1. Sky – the other shot I took at the pool last weekend.
IMG_2810 Blog
2. Reflection – my reflection at the Rose Garden…I look like a big blob.
3. Health – my gym shoes.
4. Sun Flare – Maddie (more of her and a few other cuties later) at the Rose Garden yesterday.
5. Two of a Kind – my birthday…that’s right, Tuesday.
Two of a Kind
Did you participate in the Scavenger Hunt? If so, leave me a comment with a link to your site.  Here are the items for next week: 
  1. Summer
  2. Letter A
  3. Celebration
  4. Door
  5. Symbol of Love
 Have a great day!