June 13, 2010
Scavenger Hunt Sunday
Yay…it’s Scavenger Hunt Sunday, and this week I managed to only include pictures in my that were taken THIS WEEK – no archives! Strangely enough, when it comes to the scavenger hunt, I don’t seem to leave my house. Anyways, enough rambling…here are my photos:

1. Green – as promised, I took a new green photo…this time of the fake green grass in our kitchen. The best part about fake grass…I don’t have to water it.
Green Grass
2. Round x2 – our entrance rug made up of multiple green dots and a silver bowl that has little silver balls around the edge.
3. Dirt – I also included a little fungus we found in our flower bed. My husband looked at me funny when I said I wanted to photograph it, but I think it goes great with dirt.
Dirt + Fungus
4. Dad – I don’t have a great picture of my dad and we don’t have any “children” yet…but I caught this sweet moment between my husband and Kitty Paw.
5. Chocolate – I keep a bowl on our coffee table full of York Peppermint Patties all the time. They’re my favorite!

Hope you enjoyed my photos. If you participated, leave me a comment. Now, for next week’s items (one photo can be from your archives): 
  1. Sky
  2. Reflection
  3. Health
  4. Sun Flare
  5. Two of a Kind
Have a great day!