June 29, 2010
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Simplicity: Corners of My Home
I should be packing for my trip to Philadelphia tomorrow, but I’d much rather set up for tomorrow’s photography challenges (by the way, there are entirely too many so I’m going to take off a week from a few – sorry). I emailed Faith earlier tonight to find out what her challenge would be…she quickly replied, “corners of your home.” Well, this particular challenge caused me to look at the corners of my home (almost literally) in a new perspective. I wanted to share just a couple of my photos. 

This first one is the knobs of one of our tables/chests in our den. I think it’s a neat perspective.
Corners of my Home 1
This second photo highlights the last remaining trails of light coming in on a chair we have in our bedroom.
Corners of my Home 2
With that, I should seriously pack. I’ll be back around tomorrow evening. For more “corners of your home”, go to: