June 21, 2010
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Skinned Knees: Silly
This is my grandma. She is not usually “silly,” but in this particular shot, she is grinning from ear to ear. A little back story…

My mom (hi mom) decided she wanted to scroll through my blog on Saturday night. She said to me, “Wow Ashley, I didn’t realize you’d gotten this good.” Thanks Mom! Not that I’m a professional or even trying to be, but it always means a lot when someone you love recognizes any talent you may have. So, on Sunday, my grandmother came over to have lunch with us after church (to celebrate my birthday and Father’s Day). We were talking about obituaries I think, when my grandma says to us that she’d like to buried in her new pink dress instead of the blue one she wore to my wedding. Um…okay. She goes on to say that the blue one was too expensive to be buried in, and she got such a great deal on the pink one – I guess it was originally $200, then was on sale for $75 and she had a coupon. Anyways, I digress…

I made a joke that when she dies, we’ll all comment on what a great deal you got on the dress. We laughed and then she said that she’d really like to have a new picture of herself that didn’t look so drab (for her obiturary, mind you). My mother suggested that we take a few pictures right then….so I took her outside in the heat (for all of 2 minutes) to snap a few shots. I got a couple of good ones (even though I should have moved her over a little so I didn’t have a window in the background), but the one below makes me laugh because she’s cheezing it sooo hard. VERY SILLY! When I came across this shot, I thought it might be the perfect silly shot to enter into Skinned Knees‘ first photo challenge. Let’s just hope she doesn’t need to use it any time soon.
IMG_3059 blog
I also thought I’d share this picture of one of my mom’s pieces of tree art. This frog makes me smile…it’s kinda silly and random…like me! 
IMG_3082 blog
I promise, I have more shots coming…so stay tuned! In the meantime, check out some more silly shots at: