June 12, 2010
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SOOC Saturday: “Kitty Paw at Play”
Yesterday afternoon, I came home…picked up my camera…snapped a quick shot of Kitty Paw and then went to look at what I’d just taken. What I found was quite a treat! 

It all started yesterday morning after I left for work. My husband started his morning cleaning which included pulling back the sheets. Kitty Paw quickly jumped into a warm space in the covers. He decided he wanted to play photographer.
KP 04
His cleaning continued downstairs. Well…you know that Kitty Paw loves the morning sun.
KP 01
The morning sun plus an audience meant that she would toss and turn…of course she was hoping to attract my husband enough that he’d rub her little belly. If there’s one thing I know…he definitely stopped to rub her belly…after taking a few pictures.
Kitty Paw at Play
This is her “I’m too cute to ignore” face.
KP 03
And I think these eyes say “if you don’t rub me, I’m going to hold it against you.”
KP 02
I hope you’ve enjoyed our little show and tell. My husband was shooting in auto for these shots (I did teach him one time how to turn my camera into auto mode) – he told me later that he first searched for the Point & Shoot, but couldn’t find it (probably because I had it on me). Anyways, enough rambling…for more SOOC Saturday entries: