Weekend Sweetness
This is my first week participating in Best Shot Monday and Sweet Shot Tuesday. Normally, for photo challenges, I prefer to post two separate images…but I’m on my way to Philadelphia for business so my blogging time may be cut short. It was also a “short” weekend for me and my husband (he was traveling until Friday evening and we went to visit my family on Saturday) so I didn’t do as much shooting as I did last weekend. 

Nonetheless, Kitty Paw loves the morning sun…especially when the front door is wide open. Yesterday morning, I got ready for the gym and was waiting for my husband to come downstairs. Kitty Paw was sunbathing and looking so pretty that I had to get my camera. What you see below is after a little editing (I plan on posting my before and after later in the week).
Kitty Paw 060610
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