June 29, 2010
Why Can’t We Be Friends
I should warn you…this might be a stretch, but…
  1. I told you I would be sharing pictures from the zoo over the course of the week. 
  2. I think this is a great illustration of friendship. 
  3. I also think that nothing says “summer” like a couple of turtles at the zoo? 
  4. Actually, I thought it’d be boring if I posted yet another flower or bug shot…and I’ve already posted a ton of summer rain shots…oh, I even posted the summer lovin’ shot. 
  5. I’m getting a tad bit sleepy, so I’m posting a 2 for 1 special. 
So yeah, we saw some incredible animals on Saturday. It was hot, it was humid…and most of the animals just wanted to find some shade. I was surprised at how active the turtles were. Furthermore, I was surprised at how social the turtles were…or maybe they were pissed off and fussing at one another – let’s be honest, it was hot, couples fight when they get hot. Either way, summer is here…the heat is on, and with the summer heat…anything could happen. 
Summer Friends
If you’re here for the first time…why can’t we be friends? Leave me a comment with a link to your blog, I’d love to check you out when I get “home” from the office. For more friendship photos, check out:

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