A few random thoughts and photos…
I am still recovering from a blogging injury so I’ve decided (well my husband tells me) to take a short break (meaning tonight and some of tomorrow…even though I’ll be on a photo walk tomorrow morning with my friend Natalie) from my blog. You see, 3-4 days ago, I developed some sort of crick in my neck/back that has progressively moved to the middle of my back…as a result of a lady across the hall trying to rub the knot out. This morning, I stopped by Walgreen’s to pick up a heating pad and some Icy Hot – I officially feel old, but I think it’s helping.
Before I go into recovery mode (can you tell I’m really milking this minor injury), I wanted to share a few moments of randomness with you and link up with some great sites.

First off, last night, I checked the mailbox and had a special surprise waiting for me…my first Post-Crossing POSTCARD!!! About a month or so, I joined Post-Crossing as another way to connect with people around the world…and give the United States Postal Service a little business. You may remember this post, where I sent my very first postcard to Keith in Malaysia. Now that I’ve been through both the sending and receiving end of things…and it clearly works, I’m definitely going to be sending more postcards. If this looks like something you might be interested in, I really do encourage you to check it out – oh, and it’s FREE (minus of course the cost of a postcard and stamp). And you know that I don’t promote anything unless I believe in it…so do it. Here’s what she sent.
Ella Front 072310

Ella Back 072310
What else…well this morning, I walked outside and the sun was just starting to make it’s debut for the day. My camera was right there, so I thought I’d capture the moment and share it for SkyWatch Friday.
Sky Watch 072310

Finally, I was in my Google Reader this morning, when I came across Meredith’s blog: La Buena Vida. She has started something called “In the Photo Friday,” (I think she started a while ago, but I’m just now catching on) to encourage herself and others to get IN FRONT of the camera more often. I’m guilty of this myself as I’m sure most of you with a camera will agree so I thought I’d share a photo that my husband took of me during our vacation. I’ve been reluctant to share this shot because I haven’t decided if I like it or not. However, the other day, my friend Karli at The Bonnie 5 posted a then and now picture with her son. I made some sort of comment about her being a hot mama and then committed myself to sharing this picture.
IMG_4366 blog edit

With all that said…enough rambling, it’s time to hop. And Holy Cow…so many blog hops going on this Friday! If you’re new to my blog, I hope you’ll come in, make yourself at home and stay awhile. I hope you’ll even follow. Leave me a comment to let me know you stopped by so I can come back to visit you.

Happy Friday everyone!