July 30, 2010
Before & After: Motion Blur
I posted an image late last night that had a bit of motion blur. Although I’d like to believe that I created the blur in camera, the reality is that I applied the effect during post-processing. I thought I’d share my little secret with you – because it’s not really a secret and because you’ve asked nicely. 

Once again, I am using one of my favorite models…our niece. This shot was taken back in January and she was just starting to lose her baby teeth. I’m not sure that this shot is the best shot to illustrate motion blur, but hopefully you get the idea.
Motion Blur Before and After
I went through all of my normal processing steps FIRST in PSE7. I merged all of those layers and then created a duplicate layer. On that duplicate, I used the quick selection tool to select her. I then right clicked to select inverse and feathered it at 20. I then went to Filter > Blur > Radial Blur >  Zoom > 30. I may have told one of you different via email, but I walked through these steps to double check. You can then use the opacity slider to adjust as you see fit. 

And…that’s it. Any questions? 

With that said, have a good night. We’re experiencing a bit of a storm right now…Kitty Paw is hiding and my husband had decided to go to bed. I should probably follow.