July 28, 2010
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Creative Interpretation – Wide Open
This week’s POTW (picture of the week) theme is WIDE OPEN. I suppose this theme could be left up to a lot of interpretation…ranging from wide open mouths, doors, to opening your aperture “wide open.” To be honest, I didn’t even think about the theme (and item on the scavenger hunt list) until after the photowalk. Then, last night, as I was also trying to consider the Simplicity challenge – crazy edit (which she may or may not post this week), I thought I might be able to do something with another one of my photowalk photos. 

Here is the original photo with a basic edit. For me, it’s okay but nothing spectacular. I was drawn to the grunginess of this hole in the wall…and the attempt to close it with this sheet of plywood that has been covered with flyers. As you can tell, the attempt is a bit of a failure…and this hole in the wall is “wide open.”
IMG_5056 blog
In the early days of my photo editing, I really butchered some photos by over-applying the “creative” actions that my photo editing software offered…posterize anyone? If I’m ever brave enough, I might share those early photo experiments with you. 

Anyways, I went back into experimentation mode last night with this photo. I don’t usually use Photoshop Elements’ premade actions, but I thought that some sort of cartoon/hand-drawn effect could be interesting. What you see below is a combination of trace contouring and stamping (I didn’t write down all my steps).
IMG_5056 blog creative
Love it…hate it? If you haven’t shot your “wide open” image for Scavenger Hunt Sunday, this would be your reminder. The other items on your list are clock, junk, shiny and view from below. I look forward to seeing everyone’s interpretations. 


While I’m here, I also want to let my DSLR photographer friends know of a learning opportunity. Faith at Simplicity will be hosting an advanced photography workshop this fall (September) that will focus on using your SLR camera settings. After much consideration, I decided to join. I have basically learned how to use my camera through self-teaching.  Although I feel pretty comfortable using my settings, I thought this workshop was an inexpensive way to better learn my camera’s settings with the support of Faith and the rest of the class. The fee through the end of July is $22 – it then goes up to $25.

Have a great day!