July 24, 2010
Categories: Ramblings
I Want That!
In all my blog hopping yesterday, I found an awesome website and store: Fred Flare. They’ve got all kinds of neat vintage-inspired items including an incredible collection of specialty cameras. 

I’m also a fan of their photography accessories like these: 

In all seriousness, right now, the above items are not very high on my priority list. I just think they’re cute and thought my blogging/photography friends would get a kick out of them. 

What is on my priority list with regard to next purchases? A cute new camera bag!  I may have mentioned that because of my day job, I travel fairly frequently so I tend to build a lot of credit card points. These points are saved and then used to fund my hobby. In fact, I have some built up points that are “burning a hole in my pocket.”

My husband does agree that I need a new bag. Unfortunately, my husband and I disagree on what type of bag I should get. Yeah, yeah, it shouldn’t really matter what he thinks…but, my husband often will join me on my little photography adventures and offer to carry my bag. Right now, I have one main bag that stores ALL of my photography equipment + laptop.  

The great thing about this bag is that I can store all my gear in one place (camera body, lenses, laptop and accessories). The downside is that when I have all my gear, this bag is incredibly heavy. It was definitely NOT meant to be used as a day trip/photo shoot bag.

So, if I can’t use the big Tamrac…what am I currently using on day trips? In some cases, I’m using a big purse. I suppose I could buy padded inserts to make my current situation a little safer, but I would rather just buy a new bag. The other solution we’ve used on occasion is a Duke insulated cooler – don’t laugh. The Duke cooler works, but…
  1. We aren’t Duke University fans…my husband just worked there at one point in his career. 
  2. It’s a cooler! So while, it is insulated and typically prevents any nastiness from getting on my stuff…it’s not “cool.”
Well then, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way…what am I considering (and I promise, I’m going to open the doors for input at the end)? I want either a Jo Tote, Epiphenie Bag or something of the like…something that doesn’t scream “I’M CARRYING EXPENSIVE CAMERA EQUIPMENT! 

My husband would like me to get a backpack because he’d rather carry a backpack for me than a cute bag…b-o-r-i-n-g. With all that said…I need your help? What would you do? What do you carry on day trips or photo shoots? Is their another option I should consider? I’d love to know what you guys think.

By the way, speaking of photo shoots…today I am going on Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photo Walk with my friend Natalie. Check out some of the photo contest winners from previous years. This means that rather than blogging, I will be shooting! Stay tuned for shots from our walk (and I also still owe you a few more from the zoo and aquarium) sometime in the next week. 

Also, don’t forget that tomorrow is Scavenger Hunt Sunday! Click the button below for previous hunts and the list of items for this week. I’ll post new items tomorrow.
Scavenger Hunt Sunday
I’ll have more excitement to share with you Monday. In the meantime, have a great weekend!