Kitty Paw and the Critter
You’re going to have to forgive me today. Tuesday seems to be an incredible day for photo challenges (or memes as they’re called)…and I seem to be addicted. Are you also  “addicted” to photo challenges? Did you recently buy a daily planner just to keep track of the themes? Does your next photo challenge entry keep you awake at night? If you’re as addicted as I am, grab a button. You know you want to.

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I’ve got to give a big shout out and thank you to Christy at Skinned Knees for designing the cute button above. I entered one of her giveaways a week or so ago…and won a free button! So, that’s cool. For right now, I’ve got the button on my photo challenge page, so feel free to pick it up and post it to your blog. 

Now, I am going to try to combine as many themes as possible so that I won’t overwhelm anyone with my blog postings this week. This series started with a Perceptive Perspective prompt from Hollie over at 2BabyCakes. I actually went to the store and found one of those annoying hamster toys that my nephew was playing with last week. When I saw it, I knew my cat would trip out…and I felt like hamster =’s “critter.”

These things are strange and make random noises as they roll all over the floor. They’re almost demon like!
IMG_4798 blog
Kitty Paw was initially in the other room, but as soon as she spotted this thing rolling around, she got up to check it out.
IMG_4776 blog
Before we knew it, this thing (and I need a name for it) was up against the other wall…
IMG_4784 blog
See? It looks like a little rat…or a hamster. I think the packaging suggested that it was supposed to be ninja like. Apparently, it also comes with accessories. I did NOT purchase the accessories…that would be overkill.
IMG_4786 blog
Kitty Paw was on guard. Look how focused she is here as the hamster approaches her.
IMG_4790 blog
And these things are creepy, out of nowhere they’ll make a strange noise and change directions.
IMG_4793 blog
At this point, she decided to sit back and watch. I love the depth of field in this shot. This will be my official Perceptive Perspective entry.
IMG_4801 blog
Can you tell she’s become uninterested? The hamster eventually hit a wall and couldn’t turn itself around. I left it there…until I’m ready to terrorize my dear cat again. For this shot, I decided to go black and white. The theme for this week’s You Capture is “black and white,” so it’s appropriate. And of course, there is the weekly Black and White Wednesdsay.
IMG_4803 blog
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