Macro Friday
I’ve been sharing some of my shots from my photowalk all week, but I saved this one for today because I think it may be my favorite macro shot from the day. It’s similar to another shot I’ve already shared but taken straight on and the colors (in my opinion) are incredible. I only wish that the pole on the far right was also in focus, but that’s okay. By the way, I took this shot with my Sigma 105 mm f/2.8 lens. 
IMG_4961 blog
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I think while I’m here, I’ll do some blog hopping. If you’re new to my blog, come in…look around…make yourself at home. Leave me a comment so I can come back to visit and/or follow you. I may have to come back and visit others later (I’m running to a meeting), but I look forward to meeting a few new faces/blogs.

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Have a great Friday!