July 09, 2010
Macro Friday
Last night, I was trying to capture some of my favorite things (I’ll be sure to share them on Sunday). I looked down and remembered that I still had a number of my favorite TV programs to watch that were saved on our DVR. Honestly, I considered including the remote as part of my favorite things, but then I reconsidered…because, let’s be honest, it’d be really lame if one of my favorite things was a remote control. Instead, I thought I’d mix it up over at Macro Friday.
Honestly though, just as I look forward to certain photo challenges, I have certain tv programs that I really do look forward to watching each week. Because I’m a dork (and I know I’m not alone), I thought I’d share my must watch shows (well the shows that are on during the summer – the list changes per season): 

Sunday: True Blood 
Monday: Persons Unknown
Tuesday: America’s Got Talent
Wednesday: So You Think You Can Dance
Thursday: So You Think You Can Dance 
(by the way, I’m really sad that Alex is injured and now eliminated from the competition – I hope he comes back next year)

What shows are on your “Must Watch” list this summer? Check out more Macro Friday shots at:

New Friend Fridays
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