Photo Story Friday (including Macro)
Just before we went on vacation last week, we went to a Jack and Jill shower for our friends Caroline and Jason. I was honored to photograph the event (I also shot their engagement photos for their Save-the-Date cards) as it was a perfect reflection of their lives…just a bunch of happy people, celebrating love and life! 

I thought I’d share a few shots with you (you’ll have to trust me that there were happy people, but I’m not sure all those happy people want their face on my blog). Check out this cake that one of their friends made for them. It looked so perfect that no one really wanted to cut the cake – lie…I wanted to cut the cake, because I LOVE CAKE!
Smith-Riddle Shower-020 blog
Another friend and bridesmaid (my friend, Beth) put together these favors – Sweet Baby Ray’s Barbecue sauce! Considering the party was a BBQ, it went perfect with the theme.
Smith-Riddle Shower-004 blog
I’m not much of a drinker, but Caroline and Jason were smart to hire a bartender for the event. Unfortunately, there was no Firefly Sweet Tea…but that was okay, I was “working.”
Smith-Riddle Shower-009 blog
Oh and these…what’s a summer party without flip flops?! Caroline bought flip flops for her bridesmaids (I think). They looked so cute lined up that I had to capture them.
Smith-Riddle Shower-006 blog
Caroline came over two nights ago so I could give her a CD with the photos from the event. She wasn’t the only one to receive something…she brought me flowers – Stargazer Lilies! I don’t know if she knew that they were my favorite or not, but I’ve really been enjoying them…both for their fragrant smell and for their photographic beauty. Yesterday, I was sure to come home and take a few pictures using my macro lens. 




I don’t know why, but I think the shot below is my favorite. There is something so beautiful about a flower that has yet to bloom. It’s like watching a child grow…it’s so magical.
IMG_4868 blog

This last shot is a little different from the remainder of the series but I thought I’d include it. I was in the process of photographing various objects around the house for this week’s Scavenger Hunt. 
Scavenger Hunt Sunday
(By the way, the items this week are: Food, Portrait, Chair, Game and Miniature – anyone can join!)

I thought I might use this little angel to represent miniature, but I really love the sentiment that she offers and wanted to share it with you today for Give Me Your Best Shot. I have so much to believe in…so much to hope for…so much to be excited for…so much to dream about. I’d also like to believe that this crick in my neck and shoulders would disappear – can you guys send some love my way to make the pain go away?
IMG_4844 blog
What do you believe in? 

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Have a great Friday everyone!