July 22, 2010
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POTW Thursday: Food
It may or may not come as a surprise to you…but I don’t cook. Cooking for one isn’t much fun, so the only time we do cook is on the weekends…and by we, I mean my sweet husband.

Anyways, so we got home from vacation on Friday. We were exhausted and hungry. My husband turns to me and says, “what do you think about ordering Domino’s?” Are you kidding…I freaking LOVE Domino’s. I haven’t always loved Domino’s but their new pizza really is incredible. On top of that, Domino’s is running a photo contest right now. Remember…I’m addicted. I think I actually said, “I think I’ll take a shot of the pizza and submit it for the competition,” to which I heard, “I thought you might do that.”  

With all that said, I had a mini-photo shoot with our fresh out of the oven pizza. With this week’s POTW theme being FOOD, I thought it was pretty perfect. (Btw, I guess I should mention that I was not paid to promote Domino’s – I’m just a fan.)
Dominos 1 blog

Dominos 2 Blog
My favorite is Hawaiian style. My husband likes to add pepperoni and bacon, on top of the ham and pineapple. We also prefer thin crust (yummy) because we’re convinced that it’s not as bad for you. I really am impressed with how much better their pizza tastes now.
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One of our favorite things to pair with pizza is a movie rental from REDBOX. Have you guys checked out redbox? It’s really a huge money saver (and I’m definitely not being paid to say that). Friday we rented Remember Me with Rob Pattinson and The Book of Eli (wow, that movie is out there). To be honest, I’m still thinking about Shutter Island – that movie really was incredible and you should see it…if you haven’t already.
Red Box Blog
What’s your favorite movie (rental)?

While I’m at it, I think I’ll jump in a few new blog hops I’ve found recently. So, if you’re a first time visitor (or new follower – even better), come in…make yourself at home…stay a while. Also, please leave me a comment so that I can come visit you! I always love making new friends. Have a great day!

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