July 08, 2010
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POTW Thursday: National Pride
First off, I was out of town yesterday, so I’ve just now caught up on all the blogs I follow. I love commenting on the work of my friends but if for some reason I overlooked you…just know I still heart you. With that said…

This week’s POTW (Picture of the Week) theme was National Pride – how appropriate considering we (if you’re in the United States) just celebrated the 4th of July.  The You Capture theme is closely related: America. 

Earlier this week, I shared my THREE firework photos worth saving…but those didn’t really say “America” or “National Pride” to me. And then last week, I shared the front of a postcard that I was sending to Malaysia – the first of many postcards I hope to send out as part of the Postcrossing project I’ve joined in the past month.

So this week, I thought I’d share a simple USA First Class Forever stamp.
National Pride
The US Forever stamp features the Liberty Bell. Here is a little history lesson (click on the text for more):

I think I take it for granted that I am an American…that I have an opportunity every day to eat, work, play, consume. But, I also believe in the American Dream – whatever that means and the optimist inside of me believes that the possibilities are endless for me…I love that.

When I look at this stamp, I think MAIL. I freaking love mail…physical mail. Of course, I love email (so keep sending it my way), but for years, I have enjoyed coming home just to run down to the edge of my driveway and open up my mailbox. I love to receive a  letter, a postcard…an invitation. Over the past ten years, we’ve become consumed with technology and have forgotten the simple act of writing. So, if you’re human (yeah, I don’t just single out the Americans), pick up a pen and start writing. The mailman will thank you. 

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