July 21, 2010
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Raw(e): Mirrors
For what ever reason, I’ve been resistant to posting any self-portraits. Several weeks ago, my friend Jess over The Old Nichols Farm started a challenge: Facing Myself. I was inspired…I even ordered a remote trigger so that I could attempt to achieve some creative shots…yeah, I haven’t used it yet. Then I saw the RAW (e) challenge for this week was mirrors. 

 The rules:

I could have bowed out…I could have gotten creative with some angles (I tried), but I decided to be IN the picture (even though you don’t see much). Had I edited this picture (and I may go back and edit), I think I’d create a small person in a big room effect by really extending the “walls” of the photo to make the mirror and me look smaller. I don’t know – we’ll see. 

About this mirror…it was given to us by my grandmother as a wedding gift. The lamp on the right, a wedding gift from my parents. I can’t say that either items really reflect our style, but they are so special to us. Both my grandmother and mother (and probably my aunt) have mirrors very similar to this mirror. My grandmother went to the trouble of having it hand carved just for us (take it from me, that’s a lost art in itself). I hate to admit it, but it sat in a spare bedroom for months before we were able to hang it. I even broke one side and had to put it back together – you don’t even want to know the panic I felt that day. 

Anyways, enough rambling…here is my photo. Untouched minus a watermark and resizing for the web.
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