July 20, 2010
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Simplicity: White
I’m going to make this post short, sweet and simple (because I promised earlier that I wasn’t going to intentionally try to make your brains hurt with all my blog posts today). The Simplicity photo challenge today is “white.” I took this photo while at the zoo a few weeks ago…or maybe a month ago (I’m losing track of the summer) and then decided to add a touch of vintage to it. I think these were little gnats or something. For more “white” photos, go to:  


Flies on a Flower RS
While you’re here, have you seen my new blog button? Christy at Skinned Knees made it for me after I won one of her giveaways. I never win anything (mostly because I don’t really understand giveaways and don’t always have the patience to enter them), so I was pretty excited. Anyways, feel free to grab it and put it on your blog…that is, if you’re as addicted to photo challenges as I am.

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