July 03, 2010
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SOOC Saturday: One Night in Philly
My sister is staying with us this weekend, and we are in between a day at the pool and going out later tonight, so I will make this quick. I took this shot earlier this week while in Philadelphia with the intentions of potentially using it for my “night scene” shot. I decided against it, but when I pulled it back up today, I liked it enough to share.
One Night in Philly
ISO 1600, f/2.8, 28mm, 1/10 sec.

I’m going to get going for now, but stay tuned for tomorrow’s Scavenger Hunt Sunday items (I’m hosting this month, so I may try a linky). At some point this week, I”ll also be posting my Facing Myself photo. For now though, check out more SOOC Saturday entries: