July 17, 2010
SOOC Weekend: Jelly Fish
I still have so many pictures to share with you from our vacation this past week. I think later today, I’ll post some shots from the aquarium…but for now, I thought you’d like a little teaser. I don’t recall what type of jelly fish these guys are (I’m sure someone will tell me), but they changed colors every couple of seconds. It was pretty incredible to watch and I have multiple shots of them. My only challenge was getting enough room for a clear shot – it was soooo crowded (it was raining that day).
The Jelly Fish
ISO 1600, f/1.8, 50 mm, 1/80 sec.

I’ll be back soon with more photos. Until then, check out more SOOC shots at:

Photobucket         Straight  out of the camera, not photo editing

Oh…one more thing…don’t forget that tomorrow is Scavenger Hunt Sunday – which reminds me, I need to select next week’s items. I’m on it! Have a great day.