July 14, 2010
Summer Vacation: Part 1
Warning…there might be a lot of pictures in this post (and I’m not even sharing all of them – just a few favorites). We arrived at our beach house late Saturday night…we didn’t sleep well at all, but Sunday morning still came and the kids were ready to hit the beach. For those of you that don’t know me well, these are not my kids…but our niece (6 years old) and nephew (15 months old). 

Alyssa loves to collect seashells.
IMG_4293 blog
She also loves to sit at the edge of the ocean and let the waves crash at her feet.
IMG_4298 blog
I’ll be sure to share a funny shot of her later where the waves got the best of her. In this shot, I think she’s still in charge.
IMG_4309 blog
Meanwhile, Carter absolutely LOVES the ocean. Here, his mother is trying to hold him back…otherwise, he would have been knee deep in it.
IMG_4327 blog
Here, Paw Paw is holding onto him. What I’m not showing is him actually in the waves…and then later in the sand. He was covered!
IMG_4303 blog
I stood at the edge of the ocean with my camera – I thought the water on top of the sand looked a little like plastic.
IMG_4336 blog
Monday night, my husband and I went out to eat…followed by a little ice cream. While we were at Pop’s, we spotted this bull on a surf board. He looks a little beat up.
IMG_4344 blog
Yesterday, my husband and I went into Wilmington’s Front Street. Obviously, I brought my camera…but I felt a little awkward taking pictures of people’s homes. I snuck in a few shots.
IMG_4378 blog
I was really hoping to get a great shot of a “knob” for this week’s scavenger hunt. The thing is that rarely do you find any really cool knobs. I was pretty disappointed although I think I found one that I’ll share with you later, assuming I don’t find another one. I did find this neat gate.
IMG_4381 blog
And then of course the house behind the gate. The homes on Front Street are incredible…largely because Wilmington was once the capital of the confederate. Click the quote below for more history.

IMG_4382 blog
After walking up and down Front Street, we headed over to the Riverfront. It was HOT and as you can tell, kinda empty. I’m amazed that I was able to get some completely clean shots.
IMG_4385 blog
I’ve also become much more aware of the number of cameras that are floating around. The judgmental side of my brain often wonders if all these “photographers” know what they’re doing. Then I spot someone walking out of an alley with a big camera around their neck and a couple of other people that look like models, and I get a little jealous.
IMG_4386 blog
We finished off by passing the Henrietta III before walking over to the Cotton Mill for a little shopping…I mean browsing. Once we got back to the house, I took a much needed nap. Who says that naps are for kids!
IMG_4388 blog
Today should be another day at the beach. I’ll definitely have my camera with me…so stay tuned for more photos. In the meantime, check out more Black and White Wednesday entries at:
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