Summer Vacation: Part 3
When I saw that this week’s Trendy Treehouse theme was Faces, I knew I was going to share a few of the sweet/happy/handsome/joyful/quirky/sleepy faces I enjoyed during the course of our vacation.
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IMG_4329 blog
The happy face of a little boy running onto the beach.
IMG_4333 blog
This handsome face coming out of the ocean (you can kinda see me/my camera in his sunglasses).
IMG_4531 blog
This upside down and confused face.
IMG_4544 blog
This silly face.
IMG_4548 blog
This sweet face filled with laughter and joyfulness.
IMG_4551 blog
This quirky and squished face against glass (officially my Shutterlove Tuesday photo).
IMG_4739 blog
And this simply tired face (I’m going to enter this into the Sweet Shot of the Day). These are all the faces that I love.

While you’re here, let me also share my favorite beach shot from the beach for this week’s In a Yellow House theme: “Landscapes.” This is also being linked up to Communal Global.
IMG_4661 blog

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