Summer Vacation: Then and Now
It’s been a while since I’ve been to the beach…I mean, other than our Honeymoon last October…but here we are, on vacation! I just finished processing an impromptu event (the event wasn’t impromptu, just me photographing it) from the weekend and opened up a few of the photos that I’ve taken over the past couple of days. One photo, in particular, stood out. 

You see, the photo below was taken when our niece was maybe a year old (the data on the photo says 2008, but I know that’s not the case – I think that’s when I stole it from my husband). This is my husband with our niece…long before we met.
While we were at the beach today, I had an idea…repeat that moment from the past. Our niece is now six years old – and look how much she’s grown. I’m amazed that I captured her looking relatively sweet…because I think just seconds before, she was sticking her tongue out at me or him or both. Nonetheless, I got it…might have to frame this shot!
IMG_4321 blog
I’m using this photo in the In a Yellow House weekly photo challenge: BEST SHOT. I’m not sure that this is my best shot of all time, but I think I’m just now feeling completely confident in my photography abilities (you know, changing my settings on the fly) – we’ll see how good I really am when I do a family portrait session later this week. Until then, check out more great picture moments at: 

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