Touch-Up Tuesday: Sweet Sister
My “sweet sister” came to visit us this weekend. While we were at the pool, I thought about Skinned Knees and remembered that I needed to take a “splash” photo. I yell out to my sister, “Hey Jamie, why don’t you make a splash.” She doesn’t even bat an eye and starts throwing her arms up in the air, splashing around. Meanwhile, I’m snapping away and my friends look over at me with this look of “you brought your big camera?” 

Now if my sister happens to come upon my blog, she’ll probably want to smack me for posting pictures of her…but she’s a beautiful girl and these are humorous pictures…so bite me! I do think I’ll use this shot for both Touch-Up Tuesday and Skinned Knees’ challenges. Here is the SOOC shot (as close to SOOC as I can get converting from RAW to JPG).
My steps: 
  • Open photo in Adobe Camera Raw (ACR)
    • Adjust white balance to daylight. 
    • +28 Fill Light
    • +5 Blacks
    • +50 Brightness
    • +38 Contrast
  • Open photo in PSE7
    • Cropped photo to remove background distractions
    • Ran Squeaky Clean
      • Adjusted levels: 11  1.40  250
      • Adjusted more color layer: cyan +20 (I probably didn’t need to do this)
    •  Ran Berries N’ Cream
      • Lowered Raw Sugar layer tp 15% opacity
      • Lowered Berry light layer to 2% opacity
    • Resized and sharpened for the web.
Jamie Pool 1
I thought I’d include this other shot because it’s so classic of my sister. I can’t decide if she’s saying “HOLLA!” or if she’s saying “talk to the hand.” She’s so crazy but I love her!
Jamie Pool 2


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***July 13 – The last photo now being included in Trendy Treehouse’s Shutter Love Tuesday Theme: By the Pool! Go check out some of the other entries and/or check out some of my latest posts. 

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