August 20, 2010
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Flashback and Giveaway Winner!
I have really enjoyed participating in Photo Roulette and Flashback Friday the past couple of weeks. Cara at Mischief and Laughs (the host of Photo Roulette) tells me what folder and photo to go to, and then I can tell the story around it for Flashback Friday

This tends to mean that my photos also work for In the Photo Friday, because most of my photos up until recently were of me at various events. It’s actually hard for me to believe that I once loved being in front of the camera more than behind it.
IMG_0165 edit
This photo is the 25th photo in my 3rd folder, taken in September 2007 (I was organizing by activity then). As you can see, I’m on the left…my brother in the middle and my sister on the right. We were just leaving church and decided that we hadn’t had a “family” photo in a while, so we stopped and posed. 

Do you like how I had news anchor hair (that’s what my friend Jessica used to call it)? My sister would probably tell you that she looked horrible – I think my hair stylist had recently done her hair and decided that she needed to go darker (my sister has really blonde hair now). But, my brother is looking pretty great. I won’t get into our family dynamics now, but this photo reminds me of how much I really do love my family. 

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Alright, enough of that…I promised a giveaway! I used to help me select the winners of the two hair clips from Sucre Lulu.

1st Drawing: Purple Flower
#41 Datagirl said… Those are so cute. I’m always looking for cute things for my hair.Your blog has really taken off… congrats! 

2nd Drawing: Orange Flower
#22  Erin said… Hi Ashley! I am somewhat new to your blog and I LOVE seeing things through your lens! You have an amazing talent 🙂

Congratulations ladies! I hope you will love these hair clips as much as I do. I’ll email each of you to get your contact information so that I can get these in the mail as soon as possible! 

I really enjoyed this giveaway, maybe I’ll do another one again soon (perhaps to celebrate 500 followers) – if you have anything you want me to photograph and giveaway, just let me know. This was fun! Have a great day everyone.