August 30, 2010
Categories: I ♥ Faces, Photography
I Heart Faces: Photojournalism
This week’s I Heart Faces’ theme is “photojournalism.” I wasn’t sure what I would post, so I pulled out some pictures from a few recent events to see what I might have available. Ultimately, I decided on the photo below taken at the Beer, Bourbon and BBQ Festival in late July. 

Most people came to take full advantage of the beer and bourbon tastings (notice all the legs moving). I brought my camera and enjoyed people watching. This particular lady caught my attention because she came in so peacefully. She then sat down a few feet away from me – notice her popcorn, water, picnic blanket and BOOK! I’m not sure I ever saw her even eating a BBQ sandwich, but here she was in the middle of this big festival…enjoying a good read.
BBQ 9 blog
I think that’s what photojournalism is all about…capturing those moments that no one else might notice. For more photojournalism shots, go to: