August 17, 2010
In a Yellow House Photo Challenge: Arts – N – Crafts
Welcome back to the In a Yellow House photo challenge. I am still hosting this challenge for the month of August while Chelsea travels the globe. 
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The past three weeks have been incredible and you guys really showed me some of your best “urban,” “animal kingdom,” and “on the road” shots. You’ve really made it difficult for me to choose a winner each week, but I hope that this week is no different.
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Remember, this photo challenge is meant to be fun and inspiring. If you’d like to get your camera out and take a fresh shot, that’s great…but it isn’t required (we all know how busy life gets…sometimes we’ve gotta go into the archives).
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Each week, I’ll select a winner and at the end of August, we’ll have a vote for the best photo of the month and that person will receive some sort of prize that Chelsea will pick up in Europe.
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The theme this week is “Arts – N – Crafts.” I thought this would be a fun week for all the moms out there. I know you’ve had plenty of arts-n-crafts moments and I want to see them.
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If you’re like me, and don’t have children, I hope you used this opportunity to do something artsy or crafty. Personally, I pulled my oil pastels out of storage, got some construction paper, and let my fingers do the work.
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I’ve taken several art classes and worked with various mediums but I’ve always come back to oil pastels. Something about them feels so natural to me. In high school, I once did a piece that kept me involved for weeks…and covered in color – actually, it was probably the adhesive I was using to recreate a fence. I only wish I still had the piece to show for myself…it was pretty cool.
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With all that said, now it’s time for you to link up. The linky will be open until Saturday night at 8:00 pm EST. Be sure to link directly to your blog post with your In a Yellow House photo challenge entry (not your main blog) and let me know which specific photo (choose one) within that post is being submitted to the challenge. Please also grab the button below to link back to the challenge and encourage others to join (if the html code doesn’t work for you, try to simply copy and paste the button into your blog). If you really want to make my day, leave me a comment too!
In a Yellow House Photo Challenge

Want to know what future themes are coming up for the In a Yellow House photo challenge? Next week’s challenge is: “Trees.” By the way, I am in training again today so please be patient with me as I return your comments and make my way back around to your blogs. I promise I’m not ignoring anyone. Have a great week!