August 14, 2010
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Photo Roulette Friday: Cleaning Flashback
When I was little, as the oldest of three, I had an incredible imagination and spent many hours playing by myself in a pretend world. I remember the days of riding around on my go-cart…riding from the top of the driveway to the bottom of the driveway, making stops in between. Certain stops were for dropping the kids off at school, while other stops were meant to be McDonald’s (I loved ordering a cheeseburger, french fries and a coke). My favorite toys weren’t expensive…cardboard boxes and my imagination. I really loved being a kid. 

For this week’s Photo Roulette, we were to choose the 10th photo from our 5th folder. As it turns out, I was pulling from some scanned “baby” photos. This particular picture cracks me up because cleaning is my least favorite activity. 
Cleaning Ash RS
Do you like my outfit? Pajamas, Minnie Mouse slippers, a tutu and ruffled headband? It appears as though I’ve got my house set up and there is an ironing board in the corner (on the right). I showed my husband this photo and asked if this was the girl he thought he was marrying…he laughed. He’s definitely the more domestic one between the two of us. 

Oh, that was fun…I hope I have a chance to share some of my other baby pictures. I was a cutie. For more of the Photo Roulette and Flash Back Friday, go to: 
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