August 10, 2010
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What’s for Dinner?
All day long, I witnessed photo after photo of deliciousness grace my computer screen. Why? Because Two Mom’s Made a Photo Challenge‘s theme this week is “FOOD.” There are so many talented ladies in “blog land” with mad cooking skills…I am not one of them.
You see, the last time I displayed anything food related, I ordered a pizza. Well, after a week of eating whatever I want in Sacramento, it’s time to eat a little healthier…so, tonight, I made myself a sandwich. And because I can’t stand to be left out, I took a picture to share. I swear, the way I eat, you’d think I was in college: pizza, soup, sandwiches and cereal. 

If anyone feels sorry for me and wants to send me food, I’ll graciously accept. In the meantime, go check out more “food” photos at: