September 01, 2010
August 2010 Photo Hunt: Unveiled
For the past month, I have carried a list of items around with me to photograph…all for the sake of the August 2010 Photo Hunt. Some of these items were more challenging than others, but I am overall, pretty proud of my work (and excited about the next challenge). I’ve shared many of these photos on my blog before, but I did want to save a few surprises. Without further discussion, here are my items:

1. A Flag that Represents Me
Ashley Sisk: Flag that Represents Me
I met up with my friend, Beth, the other night for dinner. As I walked up to her door, I spotted this flag and thought, “now that flag represents me!” There are so many days that I wish I could be this lazy…just looking up into the sky. Of course, I guess I could have also chosen to use the American Flag, but I was looking for humor.

2. Something Comfortable
Ashley Sisk: Something Comfortable
I shared this photo a couple of weeks ago for the RAW(e) challenge: pink. I’ve since edited this shot of my lounge pants for the photo hunt. My husband’s cousin tells me that Victoria’s Secret is the best place to buy a chest (since I don’t have one)…I tend to think it’s the best place to buy lounge pants. 

3. Something in Season
Ashley Sisk: Something in Season
The other night, a group of girls from one of my college classes decided to get together for a reunion. My friend, Meghan, made a delicious summer pasta with spinach, tomatoes and peppers (and I’m sure something else that I’m forgetting). It was absolutely delicious and perfect for the season. 

4. Feet
Ashley Sisk: Feet
When I saw “feet” on the list, I didn’t really want to enter a picture of my feet…so, I decided that Kitty Paw’s feet would have to take one for the team. Here she is, laying on top of our couch…stretched out. She wasn’t sure what I was doing, but she did allow me to photograph her. 

5. Repetition
Ashley Sisk: Repetition
This is a sign I pass everytime we go to my husband’s family’s home in the western part of the state. Each time we pass it, I have to laugh as “Community Communicator” seems rather redundant…or “REPETITIVE”.  

6. Culture
Ashley Sisk: Culture
I thought I’d re-share this shot taken at the Beer, Bourbon and BBQ Festival to represent culture. BBQ is a huge part of North Carolina culture. In fact, if you ask anyone that’s from the state about their favorite BBQ, they’re bound to give you an opinion. Me – I like eastern NC style BBQ that is cooked in vinegar. My husband prefers western BBQ that uses a red-tomato based sauce.  

7. Contrast
Ashley Sisk: Contrast
When I originally posted this picture, someone mentioned that this shot would also work for “contrast.” I do like the contrast of the background, the colors and then the stainless steel carousel.  

8. An Indulgence
Ashley Sisk: An Indulgence
I love chocolate…I love cake. I think when I was cutting my piece, I made this one extra large. Yum. 

9. A Macro or Closeup
Ashley Sisk: Macro Caterpillar
You guys know that I love macro shots, so this item was only a matter of choosing which one for the photo hunt. I took this shot over the weekend while chasing butterflies. Had I not gotten a butterfly shot, I would have used this shot with some story about how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly. I had a couple of shots up on my computer and asked my husband which macro was his favorite. He kept coming back to this one because of the color and the way the grass moves around the caterpillar. I admit…it looks pretty cool. 

10. Something Masculine
Ashley Sisk: Something Masculine
Again, another item I wasn’t sure about, but we (my husband and I) decided that a muscle car was a classic representation of something masculine. Of course, we don’t own a muscle car. I had taken a picture of a Harley in July…but that wouldn’t have counted for this challenge. So, we went to the store to buy a Hot Wheels car. I love the way this shot turned out. 

11. Something Feminine
Ashley Sisk: Something Feminine
Another shot I shared weeks ago for RAW(e). The prompt was something vintage. I pulled together my pearl necklace, my bridal garter, and my bridal earrings – placed them on a mirror and used the sun to create a vintage effect. I’ve since processed the photo but these are all very feminine items. 

12. Light
Ashley Sisk: Light
I’m never quick enough to catch a good sunset, but I was able to catch this moment on our way to my visit my in-laws. It almost looks like we’re driving into the light

13. Eco-Friendly
Ashley Sisk: Eco-Friendly
At my father-in-law’s store this past weekend, I was wondering around his lot wondering what I could shoot to represent eco-friendly. I passed a “flex-fuel” truck and thought that might work.  

14. Business
Ashley Sisk: Business
This is another shot from my father-in-law’s business. I love the way the letters look on the shop’s doors.  

15. Arrow
Ashley Sisk: Service Arrow
This old sign has seen better days and I originally was noticing the clouds. However, when I looked down at my LCD screen, I noticed an arrow. Perfect! 

16. Something Wet
Ashley Sisk: Something Wet
I’m always drooling over Courtney‘s water droplet shots. Although I am not going to top her shots, I did capture this one rain drop hanging on this leaf in our front yard. 

17. Something Dry
Ashley Sisk: Something Dry
Well, this shot isn’t going to win any awards…with the exception of maybe the “LAME” award. I was running out of ideas for something dry. We’d just put away our “dry” clothes, so the other morning I snapped a quick shot of our dryer sheets. About a year or so ago, we had to switch to all “free and sensitive” products (free of dyes and fragrances) because I found myself breaking out. I don’t usually notice a difference until I wear a piece of clothing that hasn’t been washed with “free” products or sleep in a bed that has used any sort of fragrance in the washing solution. Yeah I know…weird. 

18. Butterflies
Ashley Sisk: Butterfly
This shot almost didn’t happen. On Saturday, we got back to the house before anyone else and didn’t have a key. Luckily, I did have my camera and macro lens so I started chasing bugs (this was probably hilarious to watch from my husband’s perspective). In particular, I wanted ONE butterfly shot. Well ONE is all I got, but I love how it turned out.  

19. Heart-Shaped Clouds
Ashley Sisk: Hearts in the Clouds
This might be a stretch…but you can kinda see hearts in the clouds here. I see one smaller one on the right side of the photo and I kinda see a bigger one in the center. This was a really tough one to capture. 

20. Strength
Ashley Sisk: Strength
Finally, I asked our niece if she would show me “strength.” She wasn’t sure what to do but here she is pointing to her arm muscle as well as her head. The more I think about it, I think she’s subtly telling me that her strength is in her mind. 

So those are my items. For more August 2010 Photo Hunt entries, go to: Photo Hunt Challenges. I am with a client all day and traveling all night, but I will swing by to check out your entries as soon as I have a chance (likely while I’m waiting for my flight later tonight). Until then, have a great day!