September 13, 2010
Challenge Me Monday!
There are a number of photography memes being hosted today. Rather than clog your readers with multiple posts, I thought I’d put them all in one place. I hope you won’t mind.

First up is It’s a Beautiful Life Photo Challenge: Little Piece of Heaven. Mandy typically encourages us to take a fresh photo for her challenge, but since she broke her own rules, I’ll break them as well. I took this photo in July while on vacation. 

The truth is that this photo has less to do with that particular trip and more to do with what the shot reminds me of. As a child, I was a camper at Camp Don Lee every summer. I started going for one week and by the time I was 15/16 years old, would attend for four weeks at a time. When I think about a little piece of heaven, I think about Camp…and specifically, I think about walking to the end of the pier and either watching the sun come up or go down. I can still close my eyes and imagine standing at the end of the pier…it really was (and is) my little piece of heaven.
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I’m also going to include the above photo in the Simplicity Photo Challenge: Water.

Next up is I Heart Faces: Vroom Vroom. I did not get permission to post this little boy’s face, but I still love the shot. He was playing all by himself on a park bench – he really was having the time of his life. When I looked through my photos for this theme, I kept coming back to this moment. So, I didn’t post this photograph as an individual post because it doesn’t meet the criteria (all submissions must have a face in the photo), but I wanted to share it anyways.
Vroom Vroom
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Finally (for this post), this week’s Alphabet Shoot Photo Challenge is “B.” I feel like I should be on Sesame Street announcing that the letter “B” has sponsored this program or something. Ha ha – yep, even though I don’t have children yet, I’m making Sesame Street references. Ideally, I would have taken fresh shots for this challenge, but I thought this would be as good an opportunity as any to re-share a few of my favorites.
IMG_3198 edit blog
“B” is for BEE. This shot was taken at The North Carolina Zoo this summer.
Ashley Sisk: Butterfly
“B” is for BUTTERFLY. This shot was taken at my inlaws’ home for the August 2010 Photo Hunt. 
Simple Object 1 RS
“B” is for BRUSH. I actually took this shot last week for Faith’s SLR Class – simple object. I really love the way this shot turned out.
The Bug RS
“B” is for BUG. You all have seen this shot before, but I still love it. I took this shot the same day as the butterfly shot.

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I hope everyone has a great day!