September 07, 2010
In a Yellow House: On the Water
On my way to California last Tuesday, I had the opportunity to sit in the window seat. I normally prefer to sit in the aisle…I’m always scared that I’ll be stuck on the inside of a row when I need to use the bathroom…and that some over-sized, sleeping man won’t wake up for me. I know, it’s kinda ridiculous.
IMG_2889 RS
Anyways, the first part of our trip…I slept. Then, somewhere between Chicago and Sacramento (because my connection was in Chicago), I woke up and saw the most incredible views.
IMG_2890 RS
From that far up in the air, this area looked like a desert – my guess is that we were somewhere over Utah (I have other images that I’ll find an excuse to share another day). Then we approached what looked to be several bodies of water. I’d love to know what exactly they were.
IMG_2893 RS
This one, in particular, really caught my eye. As our plane approached it…all I could think was “the parting of the red sea.” Heck, I don’t even know if this is water, but it was an incredible sight. With that said, I’m going to enter the above photo into this week’s In a Yellow House challenge. 

For more “on the water” photos, go to: 
BTW, I am traveling again this afternoon and will be with a client tomorrow afternoon. If you’re thinking that I am traveling a lot more these days…you’re right. Some people go back to school (or prepare their kids for school)…I jump back on airplanes. Have a great day!

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