September 16, 2010
Puppy Portraits
Over the next few weeks, I am planning several portrait sessions for various friends and family. To kick it all off, I went home on Tuesday for a puppy portrait session for my mom. For those of you that do pet photography…GOD BLESS YOU!
Puppy Portrait
My parents have two Malteses…Charlie and Lilly. Charlie is the younger of the two and was most excited about having his picture made – although it was a bit of a struggle to get him to sit up instead of laying on his back to have his belly rubbed (I’m using the shot above in Hannah’s Those Little Joys Photo Challenge: Pets).

IMG_6134 blog
Lilly didn’t share the exact same level of enthusiasm. In fact, every time the camera pointed her way…she turned her head or in this case, licked my mom.
IMG_6133 edit blog
I was able to catch her off guard once or twice, but she gave me this face…it’s kinda sad. I wish Lilly has posed like Charlie did above, but she just wasn’t having it. Oh well.
IMG_6145 edit blog
Finally, we were able to get both Charlie and Lilly looking at the camera once my mom sat on a swing with them. I’m sure if anyone else had been watching us, they would have been quite entertained…especially since I was kneeling on the ground making cat calls in hopes that it would get Charlie and Lilly’s attention. But…it all paid off. Either way, I don’t think I’ll be making a career out of pet photography. 

I meant to also include the last shot in this week’s Wishful Pictures challenge: Soul Mates. For more wishful pictures, go to:

Have a great day everyone!