September 16, 2010
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RAW(e): Snacks
Raw - Snack
ISO 100, f/3.2, 1/60, Speedlite used (dragged the shutter)

I had a long day at the office today…back-t0-back meetings and a lot of talking. Believe it or not, I’m actually pretty introverted (I’ve linked up to Oh, My Darling – she links to a pretty great article on introverts…doesn’t mean that I’m shy, but that I recharge  “my battery” by being alone – thus, photography and blogging). While my e-persona is pretty friendly and outgoing…if I were to actually talk as much as I type, I’d be exhausted every day. 

Anyways, my friend/co-worker Mary really gets me…and she knows how much I love the delicious sugar cookies with frosted icing that are often sent with lunch (we have lunch catered in for special programs). I don’t even have to ask…she always pulls a couple aside just for me. I’m not even sure that our program participants know that the sugar cookies were ever an option. I brought this one home to photograph for RAW(e)…it may be my late night snack! Yum.  

Have a great night!