September 16, 2010
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Show-N-Tell: Day in My Life
As if my weekly photography assignments aren’t keeping me busy enough, you guys know that I’m also participating in Faith’s SLR Class this month. In some cases (hangs head in shame), I’m even avoiding some of the assignments – sorry Faith. 


Two assignments seemed to overlap for me: “shoot where you are,” and “a day in your life.” When I got the “shoot where you are” assignment, I was sitting in my office. I carry my camera with me everywhere, so I figured I could go ahead and snap a few photos around my office. I can’t say that my office is too interesting, but I tried to make it look interesting.
Shoot Where You Are
As it turns out, my “shoot where you are” photos are also a pretty decent reflection of “a day in my life,” without my wake up, make up and drive into work of course. I spend at least 8 hours every day in my office…in front of a computer. How exciting! 
  • The keyboard…yep, I use that frequently…using it now.  
  • My polka dot lamp…I’ve had since college…still use it.
  • Those eyes…they belong to a fish paper weight – yep, I got that in college too. 
  • And finally…my day planner – I use that to keep track of my daily photo challenges. As you can see, I still need to submit my ordinary beauty photo. I might do that later tonight. 
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