September 21, 2010
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Shutter Love Tuesday: CAKE!
This week’s Shutter Love Tuesday theme is “cakes.” I don’t have many cake images so it wasn’t difficult to select my entry. Unfortunately, I cannot accept credit for the baking of this particular cake…only the photograph.
Shutterlove Cake
This summer I attended my friends’ (Caroline and Jason) engagement party. When I arrived, I was asked if I could take some pictures for them…of course I was happy to accept (those pictures were posted here). Well, Caroline and Jason got married this past weekend. My friend Courtney shot their wedding, so I chose to leave my DSLR at home…but I did bring my point and shoot. Unfortunately, I forgot to charge my batteries so my camera quickly died. Therefore, I do not have a picture of their wedding cake, but I still love their engagement cake. Hopefully, you do too! For more cake photos, go to:

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