September 09, 2010
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Simplicity: Snapshot
Kitty Paw Snapshot
I have been away from my computer…and my blog all day, and it has pained me to NOT post anything all day long. In fact, last night…in my hotel room, I tried to upload a few images that I took during my trip to Minnesota. My work laptop does not have a SD card thingie, so I brought my dazzle (which is supposed to fill the void). The dazzle thing didn’t work…in fact, it told me to format my card. I decided that unless I wanted all of the photos I’d just taken to be erased, that I better just stop. 

So…here I am…posting a snapshot taken on Monday. I know how much you guys love a good Kitty Paw moment, and this particular moment is classic. See the brown chair (it’s actually a recliner). Well, it’s not her favorite place to sit (she prefers my place on the green couch), however, my husband had been sitting in the recliner with her before getting up to throw something away. She didn’t move…she just sat there, as if to say, “this is my spot now Dad.” I laughed at her, and she just looked around as if we couldn’t possibly be talking to her. 

When Faith announced that this week’s photography challenge was “snapshot,” I immediately thought of this picture. Nothing posed about it…I just had to pick up my camera and snap. For more snapshots, go to: 

By the way…I hate to admit it, but I’m behind again. I have tons of emails in my in-box, a few new editing challenges and I haven’t visited any of my friends’ blogs. So, be patient with me (as if I even needed to ask). Enjoy the rest of your week!