Sky Watch Friday
090910-4 RS
The discussion of “signs” yesterday had me thinking about some of the recent signs I’ve seen that fall is coming. Sure there is a nice breeze in the air…the humidity has mostly faded away…and there is buzz of a Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks (of course, I have checked out this speculation yet). One of my favorite “signs” that autumn is coming…is the sky.
090910-2 RS
I often have a hard time catching a decent sunset during the summer, but as soon as the seasons start to turn, our skies on the east coast become God’s canvas. It is truly incredible. Can you see the plane in the sky?
090910-1 RS
On my way to pick my husband up from the airport last night, I kept my point and shoot in my console (I would have brought my DSLR, but I was rushing out the door)…and I’m so glad I did. Yes…autumn is here. 

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Skywatch Friday